Tips on looking after yourself for young people

Coping with exam stress

Exams can sometimes bring a lot of stress and anxiety, but there are plenty of things you can do to make exam season more manageable. First Steps runs webinars and workshops to help young people in the run up to exams.

Watch our webinar with tips and strategies for coping.

Healthy diet

Healthy body for a health mind. You are what you eat. Get your five a day. We’ve all heard these before – because they’re true. If we look after our diet by eating well, this will have an positive impact on our state of mind.

Treating ourselves to chocolates and fizzy drinks from time to time is fine. But having these on a regular basis may affect both your mental and physical performance. It’s all about having a balanced diet.

There is such an amazing amount of foods available to us, fruits, vegetables, pulses, meats and fish. If we’re careful about our food choices, and eat sensible portions each day, this will help to keep our minds active and alert.


Just as with food, regular exercise will not only benefit your body and physical performance, your mind will also benefit. Activities such as cycling, dancing, swimming and jogging are great for your mind, and will help you to feel good and boost your self-esteem.

Time out to relax

People always find reasons to keep themselves busy. But we also need to give ourselves time to relax.

Reading books, drawing or painting, playing a musical instrument or just listening to soft music are some of the things that can benefit our mental and emotional wellbeing. Like with physical exercise, you mind needs time to recover, so doing an activity which helps your mind to relax will also prove beneficial for your overall performance.

Meditation and Yoga are methods which many people use to help relax their minds, and have proven benefits. You may also want to give Mindfulness a try.



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