Young Hackney

Young Hackney helps local young people to enjoy their youth and become independent and successful adults.

In addition to offering activities for all young people, through youth clubs, sports sessions and citizenship programmes, we also offer advice and support. This includes advice about employment, health, education and housing.

Working with other partners we are able to offer intensive support for young people who need it – for example, young people who are looked-after, who have been arrested, or who are dealing with substance misuse.

We provide a broad range of individual support at home, school, and in community settings including at our youth hubs. We support young people to achieve positive outcomes by building constructive relationships with trusted adults.

Young Hackney


We work with children and young people aged 6-19 and up to 25 years for those with special educational needs or a disability.

Access our services

Young Hackney

Call or email us on the contact details below, or drop into one of the Young Hackney youth clubs:

You can also send a question through the ask us anything contact form on the Young Hackney website.

Professionals can make a referral for a young person by emailing


Young Hackney