Young Hackney

Young Hackney

Young Hackney is the Council’s single service for all young people aged 6 – 19, aiming to help all of Hackney’s young people to enjoy their youth and become independent and successful adults.

What do we do?

Young Hackney runs activities for young people across the borough, and offers advice and help support to young people who need it, on subjects like education, employment, housing or health. Young Hackney staff also work on:

  1. specialist areas such as sports and participation.
  2. prevention – working with young people who might get involved in antisocial behaviour or crime
  3. youth justice – working with young people who have been arrested to make sure they do not offend again
  4. substance misuse
  5. helping young victims of crime.

We also work closely with the Family Information Service. You can visit their website to get more information about activities for children under 8 years of age, and for support available to families.