Everyone has lots of different thoughts and feelings every day. Sometimes we’re happy and confident, other times sad or worried. Some things make us laugh and other things can make us feel angry.

It’s normal to feel these things. But if we get stuck with one feeling or thought for too long it can make us feel differently about ourselves and others. It can make it more difficult to concentrate at school, get along with family, or have fun with friends.

We call this mental health. It’s like physical health, but to do with how we think and feel about things. If you have a tummy upset or hurt your knee, being looked after helps you feel better more quickly. It’s the same with mental health.

We are a group of people whose job is to help children and their families if something about their thoughts and feelings is bothering them.

If you come to see us, we’ll spend a bit of time getting to know each other. We’ll listen to your worries and problems and work out how to make things feel better again.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what to say at first. We sometimes play games or draw pictures to help you tell us what’s important for you or what’s bothering you.

Important adults if your life can stay with you while we talk, or they might leave the room if that’s easier. We’ll work out with you and your family what’s best for you.

If you come to see us, we might meet in a room that looks like this. We might also see you at home, in school or at a youth hub.

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